Mental Maintenance

How much work do you put into your physical appearance? It might be an amount we’re a little reluctant to admit, no matter which end of the spectrum you fall on. Some parts of maintaining physical presentation no one thinks anything of. Nice soap, the right shampoo or styling product, a certain style of clothing.Continue reading “Mental Maintenance”

Changes That Last

Let’s face it, 2020 has left us with plenty to improve on. Whether you prescribe to ‘New Year, New Me’ thinking or not, everyone has goals for a better 2021. All the most common resolutions are top of the list for this year for many people: lose that lockdown weight, enjoy life more fully, saveContinue reading “Changes That Last”

Grounding Techniques To Help Overcome Anxiety

What are grounding techniques? Grounding is a type of coping strategy with roots in mindfulness. It focuses you on the present and helps you to break the cycle of negative or overwhelming thoughts. It can be any action that focuses you on the here and now. What is it used for? Grounding is particularly usefulContinue reading “Grounding Techniques To Help Overcome Anxiety”