Drink Less Live More

Alcohol reduction therapy your way!

Book your spot now through Eventbrite using the button below. Every Wednesday at 5:30pm for just £7! Read below for more information:

Get the formula for achievable goals

Each session will provide everything you need to start setting your reduction goals. Try one or all 6, start anytime, you will still walk away more prepared than you came. This isn’t a fad diet, your new YOU needs to be sustainable and stable and I can show you how.

Get the right tools to get you there

Every week a new reduction technique is featured. Get the basic down and stick around for a in-depth look at lifestyle changes to support better habits. Unlock better sleep, more motivation, and fitness hacks to help you kick alcohol to the kerb!

Connect with others on the same journey

Change is difficult, but you aren’t alone! Not only do you get to chat with an experienced therapist, there’s dedicated time to allow you to connect with others on the course. Further to that, if you’re craving that community connection there’s a Facebook group moderated by Maple Leaf Therapy where you can find an accountability buddy, vent about your frustrations, or generally feel connected. It’s not mandatory, but the support is here if you want it.