Maple Leaf Therapy uses a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and guided relaxation based on the client’s individual needs to treat depression. Positive results begin right away and large changes can be seen within 6 sessions, available in Penarth, Barry, and online.

Ongoing depression can feel like constantly being under a giant shadow with no escape. Every interaction and every event is seen through this lens that prevents us from feeling contentment. It’s something that happens to many people at one point in their lives, but sometimes it lingers and a little help is needed to cope and move on.

Every person’s depression is different, the first difficult step is reaching out for help. Then can begin an exploration of your unique experience and needs until you have the tools to heal.

Treatment is dynamic, with inclusion of lifestyle factors and tools to improve them. Sleep, exercise, social support, family relationships, diet, life circumstances, stress reduction and self-confidence building are all considered during the course of treatment. No more getting lost in self-help websites or waiting months for a referral.

Call for a free consultation to begin bespoke, specialized treatment for depression.

What is treatment like?

Once chronic low mood has been identified in a first-visit assessment, treatment begins with an understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy and depression. Goal setting is used as a way of reintegrating your favorite activities into your life that may have stopped because of depression. As these activities are reclaimed the changes are kept in place by challenging the negative thoughts and beliefs that lead to depression in the first place. Focus is placed on rediscovering a suitably active and fulfilling life for each person.