Treatment for anxiety is based in cognitive behavioral therapy mixed with guided relaxation based on individual needs. Positive results can be seen right away with larger changes in effect within 6 sessions, available in Penarth, Barry, and online.

Anxiety is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives, it is a natural human response to situations that we perceive as dangerous. It can be felt emotionally, physically, and in our thoughts. It can become a problem when your anxiety is out of proportion to the situation, it lasts a very long time or you begin to avoid activities that cause you to worry.

Everyone experiences anxiety different, the first step is reaching out for help. Then can begin an exploration of your unique experience and needs until you have the tools to heal.

Treatment is dynamic and takes the individuals entire life circumstance into consideration. Treatment goals may involve exploring ways to improve sleep, social support, family connections, diet, exercise, stress reduction and self-confidence. There is no self-help or generic information, all sessions are tailored to the individual.

Call for a free consultation to make a plan of action against anxiety.

What is treatment like?

Once anxiety is identified as a concern in a first-visit assessment, treatment begins with an understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy and anxiety. In a relaxed and safe therapeutic environment, automatic negative worries are challenged and addressed. Guided relaxation is used to enforce self-confidence building. Focus is placed on giving individuals the tools to address future worries and breaking the avoidance behaviors that limit life.

Due to the nature of anxiety, initial contact and assessment can be conducted on the phone, through Zoom, or via email. However, the therapeutic relationship is most effective if both psychologist and individual can discuss in person. Treatment should shift to this method when both parties agree it is appropriate.