Dynamic appointments at flexible times to suit your needs


When low mood lingers, sometimes a little help is all we need. Engage in a dynamic therapy tailored to your needs, informed by cognitive behavioral therapies and other psychological theories to find what works best for you.


Sometimes our ways of coping with stress lead to habits that become destructive. Reach out for help learning the tools to enact lifestyle changes to cut back. Addiction can take many forms: cannabis, alcohol, over-eating, under-eating, over exercising, video games, prescription or non-prescription drugs, gambling or any other activity which may have started as a way to relieve stress but has now become more stress in your life.


The current climate has seen anxiety soar. Whether an existing concern or new worries brought on by Covid-19, together we can identify a plan to improve your quality of life.


Single Session £60

If you’re busy or spontaneously need some support, call for a one off session. If you are just starting your journey and need an assessment, book an extended session at this price.

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6 Session Package £300

Most people see improvement after 6 sessions of treatment. After an assessment, we can create a 6 session plan to reach your goals. Save money with this package deal.

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